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Bespoke Wooden Sash Windows

Wooden Windows

Here at Powell Joinery Ltd, we are highly passionate about working with wood. If you are thinking about replacing your windows and are wanting to keep a traditional look, then wooden sash windows are the perfect choice for you and your family.

We will ensure that your new windows are not only aesthetically pleasing but are manufactured to be strong and durable and will last for years to come.
To ensure the strength and durability of our wooden frames, we source all of our timber from sustainably managed forests.


What are some of the benefits of having timber sash windows?

Aesthetically Pleasing To Your Property Or Home

Do you want to achieve a certain look for your home or property? Wooden sash window frames are very pleasing to the eye and can add plenty of character and charm to any property or family home. In addition, wooden sash window frames can be shaped, stained or painted to suit your individual taste. If you live in a period or listed building, wooden sash window frames are a must-have as they retain the authenticity and value of your property.

Safe For The Planet And Environmentally Friendly

Timber framed sash windows are the most environmentally friendly window frames money can buy. Timber uses the lowest amount of energy in its processing, production and transport than any other building material. All of our timber products have been sustainably harvested and we use the very best components.

Timber also has an extremely long life-span we expand this through re-use and recycling, ensuring that the majority of materials we use in our sash windows can be recycled. By sourcing our timber from local sustainably managed forests, we can ensure that the timber we use is environmentally friendly, thermally efficient and will last for many years to come.

Powell Joinery Ltd Yorkshire uses Accoya for their timber which carries a 50-year Guarantee and uses sustainably grown timber that has been modified at the molecule level by a process called acetylation. Nothing more is added to the wood that is not already naturally present. This process prevents the wood from bonding with water and has resultant durability, stability and other benefits.

Wooden Is A Natural Insulator

Timber is an effective and safe natural insulator, keeping the temperature of your house warm and comfortable by helping to retain heat within your property.  This is especially welcome during those long frosty winters. As a result, your energy bill will remain reasonable, and we may be able to lower your heating bills.

Strong Structural Integrity

Wood is known for its great structural integrity. The natural cellulose and strong fibres within timber can withstand years of bad weather – particularly important in England with its ever-changing conditions. Wooden sash window frames, when constructed and made by a specialist company like ourselves, can last just as long as any other material used in construction today.

Extremely Versatile

Wooden sash window frames are extremely versatile. They can be painted, stained or moulded to fit in with your preferred style. By painting your wooden sash window frames, this helps to prolong the lifespan of the frames, keeping the wood nourished and protected. Here at Powell Joinery Ltd, we factory spray our timber frame windows with micro-porous paint to help protect them against weathering. By doing this, we can offer a minimum of 8-year guarantee on the finish.

Wooden Sash Window Maintenance?

People all over the UK love timber sash windows and they certainly fit the style of England’s more historical period or listed buildings and quaint cottages. However, many people are concerned about how much maintenance timber windows require. What you may not realise is that technology has come a long way with common problems such as the peeling and blistering of wooden window frames now a thing of the past. Furthermore, developments in timber window designs have created products that minimise water retention and damp penetration. Painted with micro-porous paints, we allow our windows to breathe which helps contribute to a low maintenance product as factory-finished windows do not need painting for up to 8 years.

We Look Forward To Your Enquiry

At Powell Joinery Ltd, we know that if you are looking at replacing your windows, you will want windows that not only look aesthetically pleasing but that are made to the highest quality and standards. That’s why with our sash windows we ensure strength and durability. Our friendly team are here to assist you with your enquiry or any questions you may have and we look forward to hearing from you. Call 01423 868870 or email

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