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Bidding a fond farewell to Paco!

Paco has been part of the Powell Joinery family for almost three years.

Easily recognisable as the taller of the two men in white overalls, Paco is an integral part of the finishing team and his departure will not only leave a hole for his ‘partner-in-crime’, Mick, but for the whole team. His diverse experience, accompanied by his unwavering willingness to learn new skills made Paco a real asset to the company.

We completely understand and support his decision to return home to his family in Spain. If there is one thing 2020 has taught many of us, it’s that life is precious and family come first!


We asked Paco to share some of his insights and learnings from his time with us.

What have you enjoyed most during your time at Powell Joinery?

The possibility of being part of a team, feeling valued and fundamental.


What did you enjoy the least?

The (*Beep*) noisy compressor (*Beep*)


What have you learned during your time with us?

That there is always more than one way to do things.


Has there been a prominent job you have worked on? 

A handrail at Harrogate. (The handrail had to match the exisiting in colour and style. It was a precision job and the customer was delighted with the end result) 


Who will you miss the most? Why?

This is like asking a parent which child he wants the most ... it's a trick question. I will miss every member of Powell Joinery.

But I know that in my day to day I will miss Mick a lot, not only because of how he is, but because I spend 45 hours a week with him (more hours with him than with my wife), and because he has become not only a partner in work, but a friend and mentor.


If you could take an item with you, what would it be?

All of you


Do you have any words of advice or wisdom to pass on to your successor?

Don't worry, everything will be fine! Listen to Mick, he will help you in every step. Learn from humility and don't be afraid to ask questions. Put in effort and you will not only have the support of a great team but the satisfaction of a job well done and recognition of your hard work.


Paco also added:

Thank you for these almost three years, for the opportunity to work with you and learn. Thank you for laughing, crying, screaming, and cursing in equal amounts. For giving me great adventures and stories. Thank you!

Thank you for making the decision to return to my family not easy, because I feel that I will return to my family but leave another family.


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