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Local hedgehogs get a boost.

Hedgehog numbers in the UK are drastically declining, with less than a million of Britain’s native hedgehogs now remaining. Our little prickly friends are rapidly disappearing.
So, when we were approached by a long-term business contact, Heather Johnson of HJ Interiors, with an unusual request for ‘hedgehog ramps’ we were intrigued to find out more.
Heather is a member of a local Bowling Club. The club members have discovered a number of hedgehogs in the ball ditches around the edge of the bowling green. These nocturnal creatures are coming out of hibernation and stumbling into the channels, leaving the helpless and vulnerable.
Here’s where we come in…Powell Joinery agreed to make ramps to be placed in the gutters to give the hedgehogs a means of escape.
Nathaniel Powell of Powell Joinery said “We were happy to make the ramps for the Starbeck Bowling Club. Conserving local wildlife and the bigger environmental issues we face is something we are passionate about. Our workshop power is generated by wind-turbines and solar power. We advocate for the use of sustainable timber and wood windows and doors in new builds and renovation works.
One of our team hand-reared orphaned hoglets last year, so this project was one we were bowled over to be part of!”



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