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Make Security a Key Factor

Make Security a Key Factor

“An Englishman’s home is his castle” however in this day and age it’s unlikely you can deter intruders with a moat and drawbridge. So how can you secure your home without emulating fort Knox?

There are a number of high security yet stylish options available on the market that are certified Secure by Design and/or approved by the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.

Here are our top picks when considering security for your windows and doors.


Multipoint locking system
Locking in 3 or more places, the multipoint bolts the door into the frame and is considered one of the most secure door locking devices available. Once engaged the multipoint provides a weatherproof seal making this energy efficient as well as secure.

Cylinder Locks
With an endless choice of locks available the Euro 3 star rated Cylinder Lock is our lock of choice. With added resistance against snapping, picking, drilling and bumping it offer defence against forced entry.

An added bonus; you can have multiple cylinder locks around your home’s entry points and specify ‘keyed alike’. This allows one key to access all doors eliminating the need to carry multiple keys. These keys require a unique security code in order to cut a duplicate making it difficult for someone to copy your key without your knowledge.

Laminated or toughened glass
This safety feature makes it difficult for an intruder to simply break a door panel or window to gain access to your property.

Sleeved letterplates come with brush strips inside and an internal tidy plate making it more difficult to access internal latches or keys. They also reduce rattles of drafts.

Window restrictors
We recommend Angel vent locks which restrict sash window from opening beyond a certain point. It simply locks into place allowing ventilation but restricting someone from opening the window fully. This is also a safety feature, developed to prevent children accidentally falling through open windows. For casement windows a night vent would be our go-to, this allows ventilation but prevents an intruder prising the window open.

Window Locks
Fitting certified window locks could see your home insurance reduce as they are recognised. Locking fitch fastener with key give a classic look with added security for sliding sash windows, for casement windows we opt for the espagnolette locking system with handle.

If you would like further advice on security or safety features please call our team on 01423 868870 or email


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