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Price per wear?

Don’t panic you haven’t accidently clicked on a fashion site. We’ve been discussing the ‘price per wear’ theory and how this relates to any item you purchased. 

So for anyone not familiar with the theory, it’s a simple formula for analyzing cost efficiency. 

Price Per Wear (PPW) = Cost of the item / number of times worn


You pay £10 for a t-shirt, wear it a couple of times but it fades or stretches in the wash. It then goes to the bottom of the drawer only to be worn on DIY days. PPW = £5

Now you pay £30 for a t-shirt, wear it, wash it and it holds it’s shape and colour. You wear it once a week for 2 years that’s 104 wears. PPW = .29p

This formula works in many areas including home improvements. More specifically for us when you are looking to purchase windows and doors. 

We suggest using this ‘Whole Life Cost’ formula 

WLC = Total cost of the item/ life expectancy of the product + reduction in energy costs due to thermal efficiency. 

Just as with clothing there is general ‘upkeep’ required, luckily unlike laundry this is not a weekly task. 

Thanks to the industry leading paint we use, our windows are good for 7-10 years with no upkeep required. After this time we recommend denibbing and re-painting the windows to keep them in tip top condition.

The added bonus of wooden windows and doors is you can change the colour any time to revamp the look of your property with minimal cost and inconvenience.


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