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Timber aftercare


Regularly check the windows for signs of wear.

A quick glance to ensure the integrity of paintwork and glazing should suffice, this way you can preempt any potential maintenance works.  

Use water based paints 

These allow the woodwork to breathe and are easier to maintain. Water based paint are better for the environment and with modern systems allow for full coverage in less than half the drying time.

Open windows on a regular basis, even if this is only on vent to allow air to circulate. This will benefit your whole home.

Check ironmongery

Specifically hinges and handles, treat with a light oil if needed and remove any surface residue if required.

Wipe weather seals and ventilators to keep free from dust and build up of grime. Use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner, then clean with a simple solution of soap and water.


Use window cleaning poles

There is no accuracy when using these poles. They bang on the glazing, glazing bars and timber frames and leave residual water sat on the cills.

Clean windows with abrasive substances or chemical based products.

These may clean away the dirt but they may also effect seals, scratch the glass and rub away the paintwork.

Ignore repainting

We recommend rubbing down the paintwork with a fine denibbing pad  and every 7-8 years to ensure optimum performance and longevity of your timber products.

Neglect your windows the sooner you pick up on any maintenance issues the easier they are to resolve and usually relatively cheap to rectify. 

Paint over the ironmongery, hinges or fastenings. 

Tape off all ironmongery before making paint repairs or lacquer to prevent damage.

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